How to Share Your Data & Connect

Tracking your data is easy! You can access our online form from a computer, phone or tablet, or print out one of these other formats and scan the document.

Online Form Excel File or PDF

To send us your photos, videos, scans & info, please use our Document Upload form.  

Upload Your Video

Have you got a smart phone with video capabilities, a digital camera or video camera? You can share a video with us.

Upload your video here: Video Upload Page (Max size 300MB)
Have more than one video? Upload any that you have, and we can edit them together.

– or –

Upload your video to YouTube
Need help? Here’s some easy instructions.

Connect via Social Media


Follow us on Twitter, and send us a tweet!

Example tweet:

“Just tested the #Alumigator rougher, and it worked GREAT! #GWSToolGroup @GWSToolGroup” { include a photo if you have one }


Like us on Facebook, and comment on our page!

Example post:

“So, we tested the HGW4 on some stainless steel, and were excited at the results. We ran the HGW40250-01 to 1000SFM.” { include a photo if you have one }



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Subscribe to our YouTube channel, take a video of your test tool running on a machine, and share it with us.

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