The ECO Drill Series

140° Point, 5xØ Carbide
High Performance Drills

Available in fractional and metric sizes

Surface conditioned flutes for superior chip evacuation

Honed cutting edges offer improved durability and chip formation

Three Designs to meet your specific needs:

ECO-Drill GP Solid carbide and coated for multi-purpose applications, balancing cost and performance

ECO-Drill Coolant fed and coated for multi-purpose applications, optimized for high-volume machining

ECO-Drill+ Coolant fed with advanced coating for extreme drilling applications


Using the same design and inspection techniques that have added proven cost-per-cut value to our custom specials, GWS Tool Group has engineered our first line of Standard High-Performance Drills–

The ECO-Drill

The ECO-Drill line offers the same high-endquality of our custom specials at a standard tool price.

Our unmatched batch consistency allows us to regrind all of our ECO-Drills to original specs, which means your reground ECO-Drill will perform just like new at a fraction of the cost.

All catalog tools are in stock with a rapid turnaround on regrinds. Alliance CNC is ready to provide your standard tooling needs. The ECO-Drill is only available through our online store or one of our trusted distributors.

Also, our ECO-Drill works well with our PAC-Reamer for an easy 2 step process that’s ideal for close tolerance, round-hole applications requiring a micro-finish.

Conditions of sale and delivery

ECO Drill Speeds & Feeds Charts

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